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Insurance and our commitment 

Our drivers

All of our driver teams must carry a full license with a passenger endorsement 'P license' & are fully insured to cover any damage under 30,000 NZD

All of our drivers are aged over 25, they are trialled and vetted before being employed. We are a professional team with some drivers having provided over 10 years of service in the industry

All drivers are trained to drive an extensive range of vehicles from everyday models to commercial vehicles and high-end performance or prestige models safely, and smoothly & within the road rules of NZ

All drivers have been background checked by an official third-party organisation and are required to have a clean crime history. Also, all drivers cannot have a history of major accident claims by any insurance company

Insurance policy

Allowing anybody to drive your own vehicle including our experienced drivers still carries some risk so it is advisable your own insurance policy provides cover for our drivers.

Our own vehicle insurance policy is enacted in emergency situations where our drivers have caused or are at fault during an accident where your own insurance will not provide cover. We also have public liability insurance. If our drivers are found to be at fault of an accident they are personally liable for any excess. This puts pressure on them to take the upmost care possible ensuring they get you and your vehicle to where you need to be comfortably and safely.

However, in the unfortunate situation that we are involved in an accident and the third party is at fault, your insurance takes back control, as long as we have had your permission to drive your vehicle and the driver is over 25 years old, your insurance company WILL not hold it against you that you are intoxicated and that they must be made are aware that you have used DIAL-A-DRIVER.

What is covered and not covered by this policy

Our insurance coverage commences from the moment our drivers take control of your vehicle until they safely park and return your key, or leave the key somewhere by your instruction. Your vehicle is covered for up to 30,000 NZD for any accidental physical loss or damage that occurs during the period of cover anywhere during our service. We will only pay for the repainting of areas that actually suffered damage in the event claimed for. 

We will not pay to replace any part that was not damaged. 

The insurance only covers the car, this does not include luggage inside the car. 

If the driver followed your instructions which results that your car was stolen, we will not be held responsible for any loss or damage incurred. This includes cases where the driver left the keys inside the car or in the letterbox at your request. 

In case of an accident in which the third party is at fault, the driver (or Shofer) shall not be liable for any damage and/or loss and/or fee. 

Service expectation

Before booking our service please ensure your vehicle carries a valid WOF & registration as we are not liable for any fines arising from defects or non-compliance of customers' vehicles.

Please notice by placing an order from Shofer (by app, online booking or phone call), it means you agree and give the permission to us to drive your vehicle.

We barely refuse any order, but for our drivers' experiences: 

Our drivers have the right to refuse service should they feel intimidated or feel the passengers are too intoxicated to deal with safely.

They can also refuse service if your vehicle is not up to a safe or clean work environment. This may include an excessive amount of rubbish inside the vehicle, seriously damaged exterior or bad odours such as cigarette smoke.

Last updated: 11/Mar/2023

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